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Tringal platform enables you to integrate seamlessly multiple business communications into your key business processes, so you can accelerate revenue growth, drive efficiency, and gain valuable insight from communications data.

Tringal Platform offers a bunch of cloud APIs and SDKs that integrates voice, SMS, and other communications. Furthermore, it provides access to communications data. Tringal Platform is designed for scale, availability and speed. The platform is accessed through cloud REST APIs to directly connect with inbound and outbound Tringal transactions and data.

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Mrs. Chandigarh

Tricity's No. 1 Pageant for Married Women

We believe in giving an identity to the women in today's competitive world. Mrs Chandigarh- A woman of substance, 2018 contest would reach out to beautiful and talented married women from Tri-City to be a part of this spectacular event and use this platform as door to conquer their dreams and attract a lot of fanfare.. We shall be committed to groom all our contestants in such a way that they not only set an example with their achievements, but also become a role model for others.

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The most advanced Revenue Assurance Tool.

The process of measuring achieved revenue against forecasts and accounting for any discrepancies.


Best Met Yet

Find your Special Someone ! You believe in soulmates, so do we. Connect with your perfect one here, on BestMetYet.

While you do so, we take utmost care of your Privacy & Security. We ensure 100% Screening of profiles, Verified Stamp on those we've met in person and Advanced Privacy Settings.

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Stay fit on the go ! Ngmedic is the best website to keep your fitness in check. With explaining videos about the prevention and cautions of health problems, our product ensures you are always in your best shape.

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Job Hunt

Find the career you deserve. As the world's #1 job site, with over 200 million unique visitors every month from over 60 different countries,

We make it a little bit easier for you to find the latest jobs from top hiring companies.

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ASE Petroleum

ASE Petroleum, Inc. [Canada] is a dynamic company engaged in the international wholesale sales and distribution of petroleum products.

ASE Petroleum, Inc. [Canada] boasts such an impressive list of clientele and has the personnel, as well as the resources, joint venture partners and affiliates to maximize its extensive business relationships and translates those relationships into bankable revenue streams that ultimately result in impressive as well as lucrative returns.

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The Afrigamez Website is the biggest portal for online games.

We provide thousands of mobile responsive, high end HTML5 games covering every major gaming genre viz. Arcade, Puzzle, Adventure, Shooter - You name it !

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Content Portal

Our official content portal where you will find videos about almost any topic you can think of.

The website is updated regularly with thousands of new videos so that you always find fresh content on visit.

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Test how sharp you are with Kweezi.

Kweezi is the best portal which provides brainstorming quiz which even speaks all the questions and answers the correct answer (when you are wrong) so that you are always informed. Time to make your general knowledge soar.

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