Traits of Successful Content Marketers

Traits of Successful Content Marketers

Businesses are increasingly spending large amounts on content marketing because of its growing popularity in SEO and increasing demand as per market scenarios. A good content marketer is one who acquires specific skillsets and knowledge of some key disciplines to achieve the requisite success in the market. In this article, we list a few of those skills and traits that are required to become an established content marketer.



#1 Strategic Thinking: The first and most important quality of a good content marketer is having in place an exhaustive strategy to produce cohesive and valuable content. A successful content marketer defines specific goals and aims to develop content focused on those definite goals. Some of the common goals may include increasing site traffic, brand awareness, search engine optimization, great customer service, building customer loyalty and the like.


#2 Process-Oriented: Content marketing plays a crucial role in the expansion of business operations. The processes involved range from workflow management and publishing to promotion and analytics. Any content marketing process must include:

    -  Explicit roles and responsibilities for direct and extended members of the team.

    -  A definite path that every piece of content must go through in terms of planning, production, and promotion.

    -  A tracker to measure content progress through various stages.


#3 Creative Thinking: The widespread availability of eBooks, blogs and other vendor content has created a serious demand for unique and creative content and an innovative content marketer. The mundane techniques no longer work in promoting content and hence, any content marketer should aim to bring in freshness and ingenuity in their content.


#4 Design Skills: It is well known that visual means like pictures or videos have a wider reach than plain text. Therefore, a content marketer should have the dexterity to create and market content that is visually appealing. Attractive graphics, infographics, and images that can deliver the real message are the need of the hour and any content should include an element of design to be appreciated by the audience.


The creation of these visual elements requires the use of applications such as PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite or other open-source image editors and a content marketer should be well equipped in the use of any such useful tools. Another essential skill is the proficiency to remodel any blog post or eBook into an engaging SlideShare that is easier to read and interpret by the users.


#5 Video Skills: Videos are gaining more and more important as user preference shifts to visual content. As a result, video editing has become another valuable skillset for content marketers. One can use recognized platforms like YouTube to reach their target audience as these have an extremely wide user base.


#6 Energetic and Influential Promoter: Promotional skills are as important as content creation. Any content marketer should be able to identify and exploit the right channels to reach the target user base. They should be able to use the right means to market their content and improve the user numbers for a business.


#7 Social Media Know-How: The growing influence of social media channels cannot be undermined. Without using a social media channel one cannot expect to create a significant brand value. It is imperative that a content marketer uses the right social channels to publish their content. Apart from just posting content, they should understand the right time to publish so that the maximum users see the post and suggest it to other people. They also need to duplicate the content over several networks so that it reaches a wider audience.


#8 Role of Influencers: Reaching out to the right set of people is as important as the channel used. Influencers can prove helpful in getting to the right people in the right way. They can share your content with their followers who will appreciate the content better since it is coming from a source they trust and applaud. A word by an influencer can market your content and establish a significant brand value.


#9 Constant evaluation: The best content marketers make constant efforts to measure the impact of their content. This helps them improve their return on investment and demonstrate their value to the organization. There are various metrics to evaluate a company’s content marketing influence like social media metrics such as a number of visitors, engagement metrics, etc. Content can also be measured based on criteria such as content utilization, content production time, impact to sales and the like.


#10 The element of Humor: Humor works best to engage an audience. Funny or witty content stands out among another type of content representation and is likely to get more shares and likes on social media. There are numerous blog posts that have been able to gain a loyal user following due to the use of memes, funny videos or other such humorous content.


#11 Writing skills: This is no doubt the most basic requirement to create magnetic content. Clear and concise content providing the requisite information and avoiding fruitless data is what users prefer to read and rate. Equally crucial is an alluring title that can intrigue and retain users. The title should serve to compel users to click further, go through the rest of the content and also recommend to other readers.


#12 Storyteller: Many companies use the concept of storytelling to tell users about their employees, company, brand and their happy customers. There are no better means than stories to engage the audience and have them go through the maximum amount of content. This is a great way of advertising and reaching a larger audience.


#13 Attention to detail: Rough and mismanaged content only causes loss of user interest. Clarity and precision are essential qualities for any good content marketer. Content with great attention to the smallest of details indicates purpose and credibility and caters to retain customer interest.


#14 Spelling and Grammar: Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors disturb the content clarity and make it appear messy and vague. It also creates a bad image in front of influencers. It is imperative to pay extra attention to spelling and grammar while creating any content form so the users understand that you are serious about promoting your content and brand.


#15 HTML basics: HTML forms the base of most of the web pages and having a working knowledge of the language can save a lot of time and assist in effective content creation and promotion.


#16 Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing content for search engines is the new rule of thumb to acquire higher user numbers and reviews. Content optimization such that the content gains priority over other similar material available on Google helps improve the click rates, ranking and brand awareness of a website and business. There are several ways to improve SEO ranking and a content marketer should be able to help increase his content visibility using those means.


#17 Product and Industry Knowledge: Writing about anything becomes easier and more detailed when you actually understand what you are writing about. One can create outstanding content if they understand the product and its relevance in the industry. However, it might be a real challenge for a content marketer in the technology industry considering the vast number of technologies, both new and old. In this case, he may benefit by working closely with the product management or marketing team to learn some essential techniques related to and uses of the product. Alongside this, they can gain a lot of insight about the product if they attend associated industry events and research the market for product sales and competitors.


#18 Know the customer: Content marketers can come up with some really solid content if they know who they are writing for and what those customers like or dislike. This also helps them focus on specific areas of user interest and specific questions that the customers may look to get answers for.


A good way to understand your customers is to directly interact with them through sales calls or interviews. You can engage with your sales team to shadow their calls or read customer reviews and feedback on blog posts or company websites. Then there may be surveys your company’s internal team may be conducted to figure user behaviors that you can study to learn about customer opinions, Net Promoter Score (NPS) or suggestions. An overall understanding of user experiences can help develop some brilliant content that users will read and applaud.


#19 Reading: A regular habit of reading about the current industry standards, the market, your customers and other such relevant news can help a content marketer stay updated and capable of creating some really useful content. You can also read what the top content marketing bloggers are doing, their way of representing information and what other famous practitioners consider the future.


#20 Collaborator: A good content marketer should also be an excellent team worker collaborating with various other departments like marketing and sales to get as much information about the product and its progress. A collaborative and integrative approach can come handy in building some phenomenal content pages.


Crowdsourcing across your organization, keeping in touch with your social media team and constant interactions with marketing, operations, and IT teams are just a few of the ways to stay connected and build effective content.


#21 External Collaborator: As useful as it is to work closely with the internal teams, an equally helpful amount of information can come by partnering with other industry players. This not only increases your market credibility but also serves to bring in some fresh perspectives which you can utilize to create greater value for your audience.


To gain some external viewpoints, you can develop a guest post-program and invite some top market influencers to contribute to it. Furthermore, you can contribute to other company blogs or establish meaningful relations with other analysts, freelancers or agencies. This can not only help create new content but also help curate your existing content and add some great ideas to it.


#22 Persistent and fearless: Persistence is an essential trait for great content creation. Do not let small hurdles affect your content creation journey. Use LinkedIn to get introduced to important contacts and email them regularly to get some helpful responses. If there is some software you can’t get your hands around, try and learn it from experts. In short, it is essential to look for all possible solutions to incoming problems so you can come up with effective and beneficial content.


Don’t be afraid to take risks or voice your opinions through your content. Learn from your mistakes and make steady efforts to create content forms that can stand out from the crowd.


#23 Resourceful: Companies do not keep aside huge amounts for content creation, so it crucial that a content marketer can make the best possible use of available resources, be it money, time or people. You can always hire a freelancer or an agency to create content for your audience, or use PowerPoint slides to reach your users. Blogs are a good way of engaging your audience and they do not require much monetary support. One can always curate an existent piece of content and give it a fresh look which saves a lot of effort in creating everything from scratch.


All these qualities summed up to create an invaluable content marketer who has the ability to build incredible content while being extremely resourceful with available elements.

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