Top 12 Frameworks for Android App Development

Top 12 Frameworks for Android App Development

Android is the fastest growing mobile operating system and is persistently going far beyond the boundaries of software and hardware to provide great capabilities and opportunities to developers. Android has developed into the greatest platform for mobile devices with the capability to run millions of mobile phones in more than 200 countries. It provides great support for people around the world to use hundreds of games and apps on their phones along with offering a huge open marketplace to developers for Android App Development.



The Android platform provides one distinctive framework to all Android developers to develop their apps and make them available on almost every smartphone and tablet available. The main aim of frameworks is to increase productivity by reducing efforts which eventually saves a lot of time for developers to resolve any important issues in the app or game. These frameworks provide inbuilt tools to instantly work on a difficult or lengthy part of the code. In today’s rapid development world, almost all programming languages have frameworks to help developers. With the momentous growth of mobile devices, the number of frameworks also increased for all mobile operating systems.


In this post, we explain a bunch of popular frameworks for Android App Development which are commonly used by many app developers to build great apps on Android:


1. Corona SDK: The Corona SDK is designed to enable the extremely fast development of mobile games and apps. Corona’s elegant APIs make adding complex features easy and their workflow allows seeing changes instantly. The development is done in Lua, a fast and easy-to-learn language. All this accounts for unmatched development and iteration speed.


This framework is widely popular among game developers due to its large number of APIs, native UI support, built-in engine, and advertising platform, features which are extremely helpful to developers.


2. PhoneGap: This popular framework is currently being sponsored by Adobe. It helps create apps easily using widely known web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The 6.0 version also provides Windows phone support, new libraries, and CLI functions. The framework has also added Cordova WebView for putting your PhoneGap code into bigger apps.


3. Xamarin: With this framework, you can completely write your code in C# and deploy it in Android for developing apps and games. There is also support for iOS and Windows. Furthermore, it allows for testing and regular monitoring of your app on the cloud.


4. Sencha Touch 2: Sencha Space is the ideal platform to deploy and manage secure business applications that run across multiple devices. This popular JavaScript and HTML5 framework offer an integrated MVC system, 50 inbuilt components, and management of work. You can now get a free native package to publish your app directly to Google Play.


5. Appcelerator: More than 2 billion apps are running worldwide on platforms made in Appcelerator. It uses the Titanium SDK which utilizes JavaScript programming language to build apps with great performances.


6. NativeScript: NativeScript can be integrated with Angular, TypeScript and JavaScript to make applications easily. It is highly supported by a Bulgarian organization, Telerik which provides numerous advanced software tools, making it different from other frameworks. Running app code on the UI thread lets NativeScript map all native APIs to JavaScript to increase performance.


7. JQuery Mobile: This is a Touch-Optimized Web Framework. This lightweight, popular HTML5 framework is developed in JQuery and concentrates on progressive enhancement, markup, and thermal design. JQuery Mobile helps developers build responsive websites and apps that are accessible on all desktop devices, tablets, and smartphones.


8. Ionic: This open-source framework is very popular among mobile app developers since it provides a library of elements, software tools and gestures. It assists in creating modern web and native applications for all app stores incorporating a single code base. It is mainly a client-side framework that helps develop native apps with a combination of CSS3, JavaScript and HTML.


9. SproutCore: This framework provides a clear MVC design with optimizing performance and scalability for apps.


10. Theappbuilder: This framework is built in HTML5 and is again one of the most buzzing frameworks amongst developers. It has a simple drag and drops and codeless interface helping developers develop apps at a rapid pace. Huge social networking integration and direct submissions of apps to Google Play are what makes this framework stand distinctly among the rest.


11. DHTMLX Touch: This library of AJAX and JavaScript concentrates on user interface widgets and helps build apps that are HTML5 based.


12. React Native: Launched by Facebook, React Native is a free and open-source framework that allows ample support to the IDEs and other mobile app development tools. It is regarded as one of the best JavaScript frameworks for developing native apps for both iOS and Android versions.


All these frameworks support Android at its best and have helped eliminate complex tasks for app developers. Developers can choose which framework suits their app requirements best and employ it to create apps with great performance and usability.

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