Tips to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tips to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the current scenario, social media is an essential component of any marketing strategy. But you need a structured approach for social media marketing to work for your business. It is hard to achieve desired results using social media without an effective plan, a thorough understanding of your goals and a complete study of what your target audience wants. In short, it is crucial to develop a good marketing strategy to improve your brand visibility on social media.  



Below we provide a few key benefits of a good social media strategy:

1. Increased Brand Awareness: Social media is one of the best means to make your target users aware of your brand and associated products, their uses and benefits compared to other similar brands or products. A larger audience is very active on social media, hence, a good strategy can help you reach the right users and spread your brand name.

2. Grow your user base: If your users like your product, they can like and share it on social media platforms. This way their friends can also know about your product or service and promote it further. In a way, social media helps expand your audience and brand visibility.

3. Connect with your audience: Social media is an effective means to interact with your audience, update them about your brand and how things work, provide the latest updates regarding any new launches and get essential feedback to help improve your services. Through social media, you can build up a brand personality for your business that users find easier to connect with.

4. Increased website traffic: Your website requires to rank highly in SEO and that is only possible if an increasing number of people visit and recommend your site. Social media plays a solid role in improving traffic for your website and help your business and sales.

5. Generate more leads: If more users connect and recommend your business, their viewers or followers can also view your brand and recommend it further. The chain goes on and on, thereby, getting more leads for your business and resulting in more conversions.

6. Sales and profits: With increasing website traffic, wider audience and more conversions, you also augment your product sales and profits which, eventually, helps your business and brand grow.

5Ws to ask yourself when trying to create an effective social media marketing strategy:

#1 Why do you want to be present on social media?

#2 Who are your target users?

#3 What will you be sharing on social media?

#4 What social media platform will you use?

#5 When are you going to share?

You can use social media to engage with your customers in a friendly, approachable, and dynamic manner. However, using social media appropriately is equally important else it can be more harmful than beneficial. Below we discuss a few tactics to use social media for the growth of your business: 


1. Layout your goals and objectives: Define your future goals and outline what you want to achieve for your business using social media. Clearly understanding your objectives can help make the best use of social media platforms.

2. Research your audience: To sell your brand, you first need to learn about what your users like or dislike, what they want from a specific product or service and what attracts them. This way you can create some good content for social media that can actually help bring and retain customers.

3. Run contests: You need to offer something unique and interesting to your audience periodically so that their interest in your brand stays and they prefer your services more than your competitors. One good way to get attention is by running regular contests, quizzes or surveys and reward the participants or winners. Users are inclined to participate if they gain something.

4. Enticing content: The type of content you post on social media has a huge impact on your brand following. Take care to post useful and attractive content that users would prefer to read and which can help your business. Add elements of humor and amazement for better reviews.

5. Minimize sales tactics: Advertising and promotions are essential to increase sales and profits, however, it is best to reduce advertisements when using social media. Instead of posting monotonous ads about your products, you can put content that would interest users and describe how your product/service fits their lifestyle. If users feel you are not only about selling, they are likely to promote your site and help gain more business.

6. Video content: Videos are a more popular and attractive means to describe your brand and engage users. Rather than plain text, post short and informative videos that can bring forth the real aura of your brand or products.

7. Post delightful images: Use appealing images to help users interact better with your brand. Images are even better than videos because users don’t have to click on anything to open or see them. Thus, they display the message as soon as the users scroll down and users are more likely to read through any image content if the image seems appealing.

8. Connect with your audience: There are no better means to connect and build meaningful relationships with your audience than social media platforms. They are an excellent way to engage users, bring forth your brand and associated services, get feedback and maintain superior quality in your products. If you can develop a lasting connection with your users, they are likely to choose your brand over the rest at any point in the future as well.

9. Use Pinterest: Pinterest is another way to use images to bring forward your brand image and what your company stands for. One can always try this new way of getting user attention.

10. Use the right tools: Not every social media platform can work for a particular business. Hence, it is first essential to recognize which platform can benefit your business the most and which platform is most likely to have your specific set of customers. Identify the correct platform and then put constant efforts to make it work for your brand.

11. Form a Facebook group: Creating a Facebook group can help form a separate space for your team and followers to keep updated about any latest developments and news about the brand. It is also a good means to directly connect with specific users, understand concerns and try to provide possible solutions.

12. Promotion: Use social media to promote your products on a planned basis. Help users know about any new offers and latest launch schedules.

13. Follow latest trends and changes: To make your product more useful for customers, you need to be aware of what is going on in the market and how users are reacting to the latest trends. This way you can incorporate specific features or elements in your products that users appreciate more than the repetitive and old systems.


To conclude, there is no doubt that marketing on social media requires lot of hard work, but it is an equally rewarding medium of promotion, interaction and advertising. Following the above tactics, one can fine tune their social media strategy to convert more leads, augment online visibility and increase sales and profits.


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