Tips and Strategies to Improve your Online Presence in 2019

Tips and Strategies to Improve your Online Presence in 2019

Building a strong online presence is as essential as it is tough to attain. Businesses of all sizes are actively using online marketing but may not have the type of online presence that draws a steady stream of new customers. Whether it is a new business or a well-established one, you definitely want to generate referrals and new customers by optimizing your online presence. In this post, we shed some light on the process of creating a robust online existence.



Online presence is the sum of all the identities you created for your business and all interactions those identities have established in the online world. It includes websites, social media accounts, and any pages that come up when your business or name is searched for on the web. An online presence is your digital sales force. When successfully optimized, it can spread brand awareness and turn digital interactions into ideal clients, eager to learn more by engaging with your business. Your online presence has a huge potential to attract and retain interested prospects and customers to your business channels.

Building and improving your online presence is a gradual task but it hugely contributes to the long-term growth of your business as it allows people to find you, interact with you, and get to know and trust you. However, not employing a systematic approach to build your online identity can be detrimental and cause a waste of time and business prospects. Here we list 6 best practices to help you create a powerful identity on the web and let it lead your way to increased traffic, higher conversion rates, and meaningful engagement with your customers.

1. Integrated Professional and Personal accounts: As the number of social media users grows substantially year by year, the potential audience for business grows along with cut-throat competition for visibility. One way to improve client visibility is by combining your professional and personal profile to enable customers to gain insight into your own interests, personality and make your brand more relatable to your potential customer. Creating one coherent brand that integrates your career and personal goals offer a more transparent and reliable outlook and hence draws a larger customer and partner base to your business.

2. Website optimized for mobile: Since a higher number of people are inclined to use their mobile phones for any type of search work, a mobile-friendly website is crucial to offer availability on the go. Mobile-friendliness is also a ranking factor Google uses, so having a mobile-optimized site is also crucial for search engine optimization. A mobile-friendly test tool can help you check your site and see where you stand in a Google search.

3. Optimal user experience (UX): User experience is the major factor that decides whether your SEO utilization is working or not for your business. Users are quick to bid farewell to a site if it takes too much time to load since there a hundred more options available. Even a second’s delay can downgrade customer satisfaction. Furthermore, a website needs to be straightforward and easy to use. By using heat map technology and conducting data analysis, you can determine how your site is being used and identify areas of improvement.

4. Customer Data Protection: With giants such as Uber, eBay, and Target all falling victim to the staggering increase in cybercrime, online businesses need to put huge emphasis on the protection of consumer data. It is shocking how easy it is for cybercriminals to gain access to your data and impact the users. In fact, Ransomware acts are growing by an alarming percent annually and more than half of the breach victims are small businesses with under 1000 employees.

Because of the alarming extent of a cyber breach, governments are now stepping in to assist businesses to protect their data and consumers. It is crucial for all businesses to establish trust with their customers and take necessary measures to create a secure and comfortable business proposition that customers can rely on.

5. Focus on networking: An essential aspect of running a business is networking. It increases your chances of success and helps gain ideas and information from a host of different people. Social media has taken the communication aspect to a whole new level by removing the barriers that limited traditional networking. Now, issues such as travel expenses, time zones, and geographical locations are no longer a problem and you can use your resources more efficiently to reach desired results in business.

It is essential for businesspersons and career-oriented individuals to establish reliable connections by sharing common interests and passions over social media and other online channels. A well-established network of like-minded individuals proves instrumental in forming mutually profitable partnerships and expand your business prospects.

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Tips and Strategies to Improve your Online Presence in 2019
Tips and Strategies to Improve your Online Presence in 2019


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