Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness - CBX Studio

Innovative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness  - CBX Studio

A trusted brand name is a crucial factor for any successful business. A brand with a loyal customer base has higher chances of increasing its trusted users and consequently sales and profits. Six innovative strategies to augment brand consciousness and increment profits are explained here:



1. Influencers: Influencers are an established set of individuals who enjoy a loyal customer following and have a wider reach among the audience. When these individuals mention your product or brand and explain its features and benefits, their audience trusts their word for the same. This increases people’s interest in the brand and is an attractive sales strategy.

An example of a company using influencers for brand promotion is Ikonick. The company works directly with a host of influencers to sell canvas art for home and office use. Influencers pose with the art and share those photos on their social media pages. Their audience is, thus, informed of the brand and the company is increasingly building loyal customer relationships.

Ikonick uses several types of influencers like Instagram photographers to celebrities. This strategy has enabled it to scale and grow exponentially because its influencers become part of its sales team, sometimes even ambassadors.

Companies can also offer to sponsor influencers at an event or use them as spokespersons for their brand and products. Companies like Rogue Fitness use this approach where they sponsor certain athletes with clothing. The athletes then become walking billboards for the company.

2. Branded packaging: Few companies like Packlane allow companies to design custom packaging, use their own logo and brand to enhance the customer experience. The Packlane team has created unique boxes for L’Oreal, HP, RedBull and the like. Custom packaging replaces a mundane customer delivery experience for an engaging and refreshing one. It also improves the brand image due to the personal touch involved.

What the Packlane team understands is that a product experience begins at the unboxing stage itself. The presentation of the brand and the story told by design and graphics can create an emotional imprint on customer minds that may last longer than the product itself. Branded packaging offers an additional touchpoint to the brand value and individual customer experience. It helps establish a distinct identity for the brand and distinguishes it from its competitors.

3. Leverage SEO: The majority of consumers don’t look past the first page of search results and very few looks past the first few results on the page. Hence, search engine optimization becomes a very powerful tool for businesses looking to gain better visibility.

It is always advised to perform thorough research on SEO strategies related to your niche, products or services as repetitiveness can be harmful. Other businesses may be employing the same tools so your SEO method might not prove helpful. One great tool for the right kind of research is because it provides specific keyword research.

4. Social Media: Instagram and Facebook are powerful social media platforms where you can promote your brand using text as well as images. Azazie, for example, sells bridesmaids' and bridal wedding gowns by focusing on growing its social communities, especially on Instagram.

The company asks new brides to share images of their special day -- and their experiences with Azazie's dresses. It also uses testimonials and personal images from the customers for increasing its reach among target customers.

Similar to Instagram, Facebook has the power to increase brand awareness and create a community. Many new entrepreneurs and businesses are emerging and increasingly exploiting Facebook to scale their companies. Gallant Dill is one such name who used Facebook exclusively to offer mentoring programs to new business owners and has now created multi-million dollar businesses using the power of this wide social community.

5. Twitter Handles: Twitter is yet another big social media platform for brand awareness because it helps you publish news and interact with customers already talking about your business. Wendy’s, for instance, has built a reputation on Twitter and increased its brand awareness by responding to media mentions of its brand, as well as competitors’ posts with hilarious remarks. There is a widespread appreciation of its roasts and this has helped form a successful brand image for the company.

6. Google’s AdSense auto ads: Last but not least, paid ads are an excellent way to get your brand name in front of your target audience. However, narrowing down your target market can be tricky.

Google recently announced its new AdSense Auto ads, which show publishers the best place to create and optimize their ads. Through machine learning technology, Auto Ads can be automatically placed on sites best suited for your brand where they effectively reach your target audience, giving a greater return on investment.

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