How to use Google my Business Posts in 2019

How to use Google my Business Posts in 2019

Google My Business is an effective way to make your business more discoverable both online and offline without spending a fortune on marketing and promotions. It is all the more essential for small upcoming businesses that want to be visible to customers so they can easily find them and engage with them while utilizing their limited resources. Creativity and strong entrepreneurship surely help them grow but Google my Business is a strong tool that helps them get discovered, save funds and stay in the race for long.


Google My Business is a powerful SEO strategy to improve local search rankings for business. Local search ranking is strongly affected by Google My Business listing and it is a great way to connect online with potential customers and clients. Google is constantly working to make these listing much more robust and effective so as to help customers know more about a business and its services.


What Are Google Posts?


Google My Business recently added a new enhancement called a “Post”. What this does is that whenever a prospective client searches for a particular business on Google, the Post comes up front and center in the business’ Knowledge Panel and when someone clicks on the Post, it expands into an attractive ad-like box. This is to encourage users to click further and explore the business listing and see what it has to offer.

A Google My Business Post can include an image, copy, a Call To Action (CTA) and a URL that can be linked to a landing page or your website. A Post has a 300-word limit but only the first 100 or so characters appear in the Knowledge Panel. Additionally, Google My Business Posts have the advantage of being used to promote deals, sales, events or products directly in Google search results. What makes them appropriate for almost any type of business is that there are various types of Google Posts like Book, Buy, Sign Up, Learn More, Order Online, etc. that can be created as per specific requirements.


Given below are some Google My Business Post tips to help you gain more from this tool:


# Try and use only 80-100 words per post so that the major message is clearly displayed, no matter which device the users use.

# Include specific keywords and major products/services in the first few lines itself so as to be in line with SEO best practices.

# Use an image size of 750 x 750 for your Google Post and keep it centered so as to improve clarity. An image smaller than 250 x 250 is not accepted. Preview the post before publishing and adjust the image size so that it looks good in the final post.

# Text on an image may be deleted on mobile devices, so try and reduce the amount of text on an image.

# Use an interactive tone in your Post so as address your customers directly and enhance customer engagement.

# Ensure your landing page correlates to the content of the Post and meets the desired expectations.

# Use creative messaging and appropriate CTA to convey the desired action for the users to be taken.

# Avoid using hashtags or extra keywords that don’t have any SEO benefit and, instead, appear suspicious to the visitors.

# Feature stuff from your business that has value to offer to your potential clients for outstanding results.

# Use different types of Google Posts for different kinds of activities, for example, use “Book” to book an appointment and “Sign Up” to encourage users to register to your site with some basic details.

# Another important thing is to publish your Post at the right time so as to gain maximum visibility and local search hits. Create a Post Calendar to schedule what type of Posts to create and when. Utilize special times such as holidays, events, new product launches and the like to generate maximum hits for your listing.

# Involve your design team to come up with creative material for the Posts that can actually help promote your business and sell your products.

# Create amazing content to post which can actually attract users and make them stay. Good content may include:

       ♦  A quick summary of your latest blog post and a link to it.

       ♦  Upcoming events you will be featured in.

       ♦  Feature your favorite employees with reason.

       ♦  A new product or feature of a product or service you offer.

       ♦  Details about a sale or special offer.

       ♦  Promote something relevant going on in your local area.

       ♦  New job openings

       ♦  Ask for contributions for a local or national charity.

       ♦  Location-specific information like changes in business hours, emergency closures due to weather, etc.

       ♦  Information about a contest or giveaway.


To gain more from what Google posts have to offer, utilize the knowledge panel space to include posts that are alluring and offer something enticing to act upon. Google Posts is a wonderful opportunity to open a direct conversation channel with your target users and bring forward the actual message you want to convey. There are real examples that have gained huge success using Google My Posts by publishing content that connected with the users in those specific “micro-moments” and capitalizing on specific timings and location searches. 

With Google My Posts, the possibilities for your business are endless. There is so much you can do using Posts to bring in customers and improve your business ratings. With the rapid speed with which Google has been adding great features to this tool, businesses can engage with customers like never before and become more discoverable by a larger audience.


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How to use Google my Business Posts in 2019
How to use Google my Business Posts in 2019


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