How to Use Email to Get More Online Reviews

How to Use Email to Get More Online Reviews


Online reviews play a crucial role in shaping customer opinion. Many customers check online reviews before visiting a new restaurant or going ahead with a purchase as they trust these reviews to provide them with an actual user opinion. Due to the significant impact they can have on customer opinions, online reviews are vital to sustain and grow a business. A business that cares for customer opinions and constantly acknowledges any kind of review received is bound to change its business strategy for the better.




The best way to get great reviews is by offering the best kind of products or services that consistently enhance user experience and urge users to leave some positive note for the brand. Customers recognize an exceptional product/service or support experience and want to inform others about it. Improving how you engage with your customers can rake some fabulous reviews for your business. Your responses to any kind of reviews should indicate that every customer’s opinion matters to you and you consider customers as the utmost authority. Customers will appreciate this kind of message coming across from your responses and recommend your business to others.


One common concern among business owners is the fear of negative reviews. However, negative reviews are not necessarily harmful. Instead, they can prove very helpful if you accept them as feedback and make efforts to improve those areas. Think of a negative review as an opportunity to engage with your customers to let them know that their opinions matter and that you are working to improve their experience. 


Different Ways to Get More Reviews: Customers can leave reviews on several platforms such as social media, business listings, directories or your company website. A business needs to understand the review policies of each platform and accordingly plan on employing methods to gather reviews. Ensure regular presence on any platform, social media, blogs or website, that you use and inform customers on how they can review your services. Share snippets of great reviews from other customers and add relevant links for people to share reviews or read existing ones.


Using Emails to Get More Online Reviews: Email marketing is one effective way to ask customers for reviews as emails are readily accessible and customers can easily provide a review by clicking on a single link. Moreover, emails can be personalized for users so as to include their name, items purchased and option to provide a rating as well as review. The best way to gain from email reviews is by sending an email when customers are most engaged i.e. right after a purchase, a visit to your store or service completion. Asking for their review through emails at this time ensures they provide a review and a recommendation for your business, if or not they are happy with the service provided. 

A business can employ email automation to make sure customers receive an email asking for their review immediately after an interaction. Several kinds of emails can be kept predefined and sent to customers as soon as the purchase is complete.


However, take care of the below points when building emails asking for reviews:



#1 Do not offer any kind of payment in exchange for a review.

#2 Do not force anyone to write a review for you.

#3 Do not give any incentives like a discount or bonus for writing a review.

#4 Avoid sending a single email to your entire list asking for reviews. Try adding a more personalized touch to your review email.


Online reviews are, therefore, one of the best ways now to increase business visibility and grow your business. To grow the number of reviews you receive, focus on delivering excellent quality of products/services and an exceptional customer service experience. Utilize negative reviews to constantly improve your offering and let customers know you value them. Emails are an effective way to ask for customer reviews and encourage them to review the brand and engage with it again.

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