How to Increase App Downloads and Improve Mobile App Rankings

How to Increase App Downloads and Improve Mobile App Rankings

With the tremendous amount of competition on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, convincing users to download a new app is extremely challenging. This is even more difficult on a tight budget. Below we provide a few effective mobile app promotion strategies that can help increase mobile app downloads by using less or no money.


1. App Store Optimization (ASO): ASO is the process of improving a mobile app’s visibility in the app store by optimizing each metadata element (app title, description, keywords, screenshots, etc.) as per the store’s best practices. The point is to make the app more visible in the charts and to increase its discoverability. This makes it easy for app users to find the app in the store and, consequently, increase the number of downloads.


It is highly recommended to take advantage of this extremely cost-effective technique to increase app downloads. ASO tutorials available online can help you understand the process and one can also use some free resources to get keywords inspirations, like the Google Keyword Planner or Apple Search Ads Recommended and Related Keywords. You could also use a trial tool to give you a headway in the ASO implementation.


2. Building Online Presence: To be able to sell your app, people need to know about it. For this, you need to increase your brand awareness and make your app visible everywhere you can on the web. You can start by creating a unique website or landing page for your app which will help spread useful content about your app. Free software like WordPress can assist in building a website or landing page. This will act as a central point where visitors can learn more about your app. Make sure that your website design is creative and personal and prominently highlights your app’s identity. It is also important to use your website and/or landing page’s URL wherever you can, specifically in all your communications and emails, signatures and other relevant places.


Along with a website, one can also create a blog as a part of the website/landing page. This blog can be used to offer some news about your apps like new available features, a new update and the like. You can also share some valuable content outlining your app benefits through this blog.


It is equally essential to building your social presence by making a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ and LinkedIn profile, Instagram account, etc. Try and use as many channels as you can easily manage and which will help benefit through word-of-mouth and social shares. Social media management demands a lot of work to bring in desired results and stand among competitors. Encourage users to share your content and always make sure to use your website/blog URLs or your app’s page URL in all your communications. Getting more visitors, followers, and shares on your web channels can prove instrumental in increasing your app downloads.


3. Make Your App Free at Launch: Another great strategy to get more downloads is to make your app free at launch. If it is already live on the store as paid, make it free for a few days or weeks. This will inevitably stir curiosity and drive more downloads. If your app is free but offers paid in-apps, make your IAPs free for a little while. This will encourage people to use your app more, thereby, increasing the engagement rates. The App Store/Play Store will reward you by boosting your app rankings. This will, in turn, increase your app visibility and spike its install rates.

4. Get Reviews for your App: Improving the number of positive reviews is another way to drive more downloads. Users are automatically tempted to download an app with a good reputation and the algorithms correspondingly increase your app ranking on the store. If you have bad reviews or a lower number of reviews and ratings, you can be sure that your conversion rate will be very low.


Both the App Store and Play Store algorithms take reviews and ratings into account in order to rank apps. In the case of multiple negative ratings, an app can be strongly penalized in terms of rankings. On the flipside, an app with a lot of positive reviews and ratings will be favored and push to the top of the search results. An effective technique to encourage users to rate and review your app positively is to use push notifications. It is usually recommended to prompt users to review your app after five or 10 sessions in the app.


You can avoid negative reviews and ratings by providing the best possible experience for your users. Start by correcting bugs as quickly as possible. Also, make sure to provide your users with a point of contact to reach out in case they have complained. This creates a positive impact on users who will be motivated to provide positive reviews for your app.


5. Put Your App in the Spotlight:  It is essential to get other people to mention or talk about your app as this reinforces your brand awareness and reputation, which will inevitably bring you more downloads.


The media is a great technique to drive attention. The first thing to do is to build a complete press kit including some visual and written materials (download URL, app icon, screenshots, etc.). Make your assets as attractive and engaging as possible. The next step is to send a great press release to all tech journalists and influencers you can find. Try reaching out by email and use a unique subject line while sending the same.


This way you can convince them to talk about your app by showing its best features and functionalities. You can also reach out to bloggers who could find your app interesting for their audience. Use a creative and unique pitch. Influencer marketing is getting more and more popular due to its successful results. Another way to build your app popularity is to get it reviewed on specific famous websites.




It is as important to promote an app using various means as it is to design it. With today’s increasing competition, it is crucial to find innovative app promotion strategies that prove effective in selling your app to the maximum number of users. Also, there are many free ways that can help you raise your app’s awareness and increase your downloads if you run on a limited budget.

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