How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts that Drive Engagement

How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts that Drive Engagement

Humans are social beings and curiosity is their basic nature. We thrive on our connections and social circles. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat becoming increasingly popular, people are connecting like never before in history. This has allowed for streamlined consumption of photos and videos and the rising dissemination of ideas and opinions through the online medium.


Today we are living in a world where we can connect with anyone instantly and on multiple platforms. Social media has had a significant impact, not only on our personal lives but our professional lives as well. An example is LinkedIn which caters to businesses looking to build thought leadership and individuals searching better opportunities.

From a marketing perspective, engaging your audience on social media is undoubtedly the best way to build trust and define your brand. However, it also requires more responsiveness and regular amendments to bring in measurable results and profits.

To help drive engagement and traffic to your site, here are some strategies that can be used to create powerful social media campaigns for your brand:

1. Use More Images in Your Post: Images have a more immediate effect on any audience as compared to text. People, whether on their smartphone, tablet or desktop, prefer to see the product than read through the text explanation. Initially, you might require a featured image that will be displayed on a follower’s newsfeed, but once they click through, the click drives more and more readers to the bottom where your CTA is located. A copy enhanced by images will also drive more shares which generate more brand awareness. However, you may need to adjust your image sizes for each social media channel to suit individual preferences. Color editing, the addition of filters or frames and other such features can also boost your referral traffic from social media.

2. Be Responsive: Brand followers want an assurance that you care about their opinions and feedback. Therefore, it is essential for brands to regularly respond to followers in threads on their social media posts. Continuous response drives customer engagement and helps in bringing in more followers.

Many businesses only consider social media as an option, they schedule posts and presume it will be enough to drive traffic. However, to retrieve substantial gains out of social media channels, brands looking to derive qualified leads from social media should have a dedicated person monitoring their social media channels. Constant monitoring and timely modifications as per received customer feedback will not only boost referral traffic but also give a fair idea on the brand image amongst the customers.

3. Add Humor: Any marketing expert understands that the audience relates to a brand that has a certain human personality associated with it. So it is always a good idea to make a few hilarious comments once in a while if it is in line with your brand personality. Content that can bring a smile to the user’s face will automatically create an emotional connection with your brand and differentiate it from your competitors. However, it is also important to be careful not to use off-color humor and maintain an appropriate level of professionalism to avoid risking the brand reputation.

4. Share Facts: Businesses can channel the power of social media to share educational facts and figures about their company and brand. This helps drive customer engagement and informs them about certain vital aspects of your brand. Photos are a great tool to grab attention and drive quick engagement and even though they don’t generate direct referral traffic, they help increment shares which are valuable for brand awareness.

Below mentioned are some ideas for thought leadership image posts:

- Condensed infographics

- Specific posts on Statistics

- Short case studies

- Highlight one significant fact

- Encourage engagement using a call to action image

5. Go Live: While photos are effective, videos are the best method for social media engagement. Live videos have skyrocketed in popularity because they are candid, easy to record and share and stay on your business profile long after you have finished recording. The best part is that they can be shared from anywhere and aid a live chat scenario.

Facebook and Instagram both offer the live video feature wherein followers can view the video, ask questions or give comments and brands can interact live with their audience. When you go live, a push notification is sent to your followers to tune in. Special offers, announcements, and other such information can be provided through these videos.

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