How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mobile App Development

How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized human-machine interaction. It is conceptualized by machines rather than using the innate human judgment. Few of the common AI mobile applications available are ELSA Speak, Siri and Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa and Google Home use the same concept.



By definition, Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human communications and reactions. Initially developed with basic information, this now includes learning, logical analysis, and self-correction. Users can ask questions and expect quick and complete answers from AI powered applications. It is expected that by 2020 around 85% of customer interactions will be handled by AI machines. This will greatly reduce the human resources required for customer support and other such assistance.

Below we look at certain aspects in which AI is expected to change the mobile app development process:

New opportunities for app developers: For many apps, AI has been particularly conducive in driving business growth and improving user commitment. Since most of the AI machines use analytical and logical algorithms, what users get is not stagnant replies and repetitive answers. Instead, AI mechanisms understand user behavior and provide responses based on the same.

One may want to know the various ways in which AI boosts user engagement. A few of these are:

1) AI-based apps fix issues and answer queries based on user information they draw by constant interactions.

2) They monitor and analyze user data for future engagements on a regular basis to form a consistent pattern.

3) Data related to user demographics like location, buying patterns, contacts, etc. helps to interpret user behavior and serve them better.

4) Integration of AI with other products like QR code, home assistants, etc. to improve functionality and user monitoring is helping the respective products gain momentum.

Personal Touch: What AI does best is to provide a personalized environment for users to work with. It is exciting for users to place a speech command and see an AI-powered machine to fulfill it quickly and without an error. Correspondingly, since AI applications analyze usage patterns, it's easy for users as they get access to an already filtered set of information. Hence, personalization is what AI focuses the most on to boost user involvement.

There are several ways in which a more personalized atmosphere is being ensured for users:

  • Voice recognition: AI machines and applications register a voice consistently over a period of time and eventually every specific voice is responded to as per personal preference.

  • Machine learning: Over a period of time AI machines tend to register, monitor and learn user behaviors and certain user-specific attributes and, hence, the information they tend to provide going further is based on that recorded information and, as a result, very personalized.

  • Advanced algorithms: Many AI applications are using advanced algorithms to decipher user intents by recording their demographics and behavioral inputs.

AI Impact on Businesses: Major retail giants like Amazon and eBay are already reaping the benefits of using AI. User demands are increasingly becoming multifaceted and smart users are looking to attain a more individualistic experience when using any website or application. By employing a more AI centered strategy, businesses are gaining powerful insights into user behaviors and are, thus, successful in building an excessively personalized user context.

Services like Amazon Prime have already introduced AI to work closely with logistics and retail. Amazon Prime paired with Amazon Echo ensures personalized user experience and many other retail stores are looking to grab the benefits of AI in more ways than one. AI aids intelligent data collection and interpretation to generate value not only for customers but also for business processes. As the demand for adaptability and flexibility gains increasing relevance, it is AI that is expected to help businesses prosper with its diverse methodologies. Furthermore, as the integration of AI platforms with mobile applications increases, we can expect a huge consumer base enjoying the numerous perks that AI has to offer including easy search, improved services, and personalized options.

In short, we are surely heading for a future where 90 percent of consumer interactions will be based on artificial intelligence and consequently free of irrelevant information and human error.

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