Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 you Should Know

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 you Should Know

Businesses looking to emerge as market leaders and build robust relationships with their customers need to adapt to the emerging market trends and ever developing technologies. Market dynamics are increasingly inclined towards the latest and the greatest and any business can only progress by adopting a flexible approach towards external technological factors. Every new year forecasts the onset of new and advanced digital trends and below we list a few to watch out for in 2019.



1. Omnichannel Marketing: Omnichannel marketing is analogous to Multichannel marketing except that it is more universal. Their definitions explain the difference between the two. While multichannel marketing aims to set up distinct marketing touchpoints reinforcing each other, omnichannel marketing creates touchpoints that work together on every available channel. Through Omnichannel marketing you create consistent touchpoints on all mediums that the customers use. This not only boosts revenue but also enhances customer loyalty to the business.

A large number of businesses now use social media, web search, and email as marketing channels. Although social media is still the top digital marketing channel, customers are employing several other channels to improve their brand engagement. Some of the channels to monitor are Ephemeral videos, Podcasts, Smartphone apps, Live chat, and live broadcasts, SMS, Offline ads, Direct mail, Chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri among others. All of these different channels aim to bolster your existing marketing approach.

Omnichannel marketing plays an especially important role for consumer-facing businesses because of the multiple channels used by consumers to research and finalize a purchase. Hence, it essentially builds up an exceptional consumer experience.

2. Voice Search: Voice search involves speech commands to perform certain actions and searches. Voice search incorporates two types: one that is executed by smart speakers like Alexa by Amazon, Apple Homepod, Google Home and Microsoft Cortana which dish out prompt voice answers and the other that is installed on desktops and phones such as Siri and Google Assistant which display written search results.

Voice enabled devices are becoming increasingly popular among top brands and firms due to their affordability and easy interaction methodology. It is imperative that a more natural language SEO is employed by firms to create content since this would require them to analyze what their target audience may look for in their voice queries and focus on specific keywords used by consumers for more explicit and concentrated results. For example, a user may request name, price, location and other such details in a single question. Consequently, marketers can deliver more specialized content and increase their click through rates by employing voice search.

3. Chatbots: Chatbots are specialized software that acts as a virtual "concierge," interacting with users and assisting them in their questions and searches. They can handle everything from providing weather reports to some basic customer support functions. As a result, they allow businesses to provide more personalized interactions while using limited human resources. They are being increasingly adopted and we expect to see a widespread increase in their usage in subsequent years.

4. Micro-Moments: Micro moments are those specific intent rich moments that shape consumer preferences and expectations. Marketers can take advantage of such moments to generate consumer specific content and influence advertising.

In order to attain maximum benefit from such moments, advertisers and businesses need to understand the basic practices of each one. For instance, the I-want-to-go-moments are concentrated on the location parameter, therefore, the furniture stores can capitalize on “near me” searches and target to optimize their locations on websites or apps. They can even design special advertisements for their store’s location or highlight popular products to improve their visibility in search engines and expand consumer reachability.

5. Video: Going by statistics, around 80% of Americans engage with Youtube at some point everday. Currently, nearly 1.9 billion people around the world use Youtube and video search and a large number of content on Youtube constitute marketing in one form or the other. It is essential to utilize such platforms like Youtube and Facebook to promote various products and services as they are accessible to a very large number of viewers.

The digital medium of marketing is both cheaper and well understood because of its extensive use for a long time now. All this clubbed with accurate data monitoring tools helps attain incredibly accurate and beneficial user metrics to aid a better outlook on user choices and how the current marketing efforts are performing for the business. With the advent of more and more social media tools like Instagram, Facebook, etc., videos are becoming a super effective digital marketing tool through which companies can convey their service information and brand personality resulting in remarkable profits.

6. Impressive Content: Content marketing is an essential component of digital marketing which requires high quality filtered data and an exhaustive understanding of user needs. Effective marketing involves gaining a more holistic view of the target market segment and developing products and services accordingly. Likewise, while it is essential to know the whole segment, creating specialized content for specific markets using improved techniques can yield exciting results.

7. Next-Generation SEO: Google has increasingly used the latest technologies to develop products that are market relevant and generating valuable information for its own research. Google’s “PageSpeed” update is just one such algorithm in the long list of such algorithms that aim to filter in relevant information for more focused marketing.

Through its efforts, Google now understands its users better than ever before. Its wide range of algorithms can input specific parameters to produce custom content including audio and video content to cater to the special needs of individual users. This is why when a user searches “Dessert places in Indiranagar”, he doesn’t receive a complete list of all dessert places in Bangalore. Basically, any search is more filtered and relevant to user requirements. Now with its latest update, Google aims to prioritize fast loading websites over slow ones when a user performs a search.

Not only are the algorithms changing, but user search has also modified too. A large number of people now use mobile phones rather than computers or laptops for all search functions. Local and image searches are the most important factors to consider for marketers when building search algorithms. Catering to the local consumer base requires an extensive focus on local SEO strategy in today’s times.

However, small businesses do not enjoy the availability of such advanced resources and updates that are readily available to the big market players. They may be hosting their websites on shared servers limiting their access and may not be able to leverage the same quality of web development resources. To optimize their search criteria, businesses should follow the below-mentioned measures:

- Create user-focused pages

- Prioritize user experience

- Integrate distinct media on each page

- Use a white hat backlinking strategy

- Page optimization for speed

- Use schema markup

- Exploit sitemaps

- Place more importance on the use of video content and its quality

- More long-form written content

- Optimize for local search

These tactics are fundamental for any big or small business that generates its revenue from search engine result pages. The year 2019 is all about providing a superior customer experience with more personalization using automation and artificial intelligence. Every business needs to get better at using the AI-powered technologies for more filtered data to generate expected profits.

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