8 Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Probably Do not Know

8 Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Probably Do not Know

Small business owners may not have an army of digital marketers to stay ahead in the digital marketing race and, hence, feel like they are lagging behind. In this article, we provide some simple digital marketing tips to help a business gain from its digital marketing efforts:



1) One thing at a time: Many business owners make the mistake of getting involved in too many things without any prior experience. They set up too many social media accounts, a PPC campaign or a rigorous blogging schedule without proper research. Trying to manage too many accounts at the same time can prove more harmful than helpful.


Focus and consistency are the keys to achieve success in digital marketing. Set up and work on one campaign at one time so as to put all your efforts and attention into it and measure its success before proceeding to the next one. Being consistent in creating and sharing content on social media will help build a loyal user following for your brand and transform prospects into buyers. Consistently working on search engine optimization can help save a lot of money while improving business visibility.


2) Establish Social Media following: To get a good number of visitors for your business, first identify which social media platforms can help you reach your desired customer base. Choose a few of these platforms and focus all your efforts in creating your presence on these platforms first. Post content on these specific spaces regularly and notice the number of interactions i.e., likes, shares or comments, you are receiving. This will help you know which platforms have more user engagement and can help your business reach a wider user base. A platform that does not add any benefit for your business is best avoided so as to save your time and focus on social media spaces that can actually help.


3) Influencer Marketing: Taking the help of established influencers to market your brand is a relatively new technique of digital marketing. Influencer marketing involves paying or inspiring some famous or influential people to spread your content or a positive word about your products/services. These people, called influencers, act as a strong referral for your business and many consumers are likely to trust their word and choose your brand.


Moreover, in today’s times, when everyone tends to check on peer recommendations before making any buying decisions, influencer marketing is a powerful tool for brands to gain a number of consumers. Guest blogging is one way of influencer marketing to boost traffic to a business’s site. However, this needs to be used carefully to avoid penalties by Google’s SEO algorithms. Guest blogging, done in a proper way, can be used for brand promotion, building credibility and reaching a wider market.


4) Use Email Lists: An email list can prove one of the most valuable and responsive assets for your business promotions. People contacted and influenced by emails are likely to spend more and offer a number of recommendations. Additionally, your social media list is specific and not available to everyone in the market. Through personalized email messages for brand marketing, offering discounts, gaining feedbacks and reviews, a business can build a huge customer following and convert some cold prospects into actual customers.


5) Follow the 80-20 Rule: The 80-20 rule implies that 80% of your success comes from only around 20% of your efforts. In terms of content, 80% of your content should offer value and 20% should be focused on promotions. Your content in any form, video, webinars, blogs or infographics, should be unique, relevant, and compelling enough to drive the rest 20% to achieve success. Many small business owners have a large share of their content directed towards selling and promotions and very less content has some useful information for the audience, while it should be the other way round.


What your content contains matters the most. This is proved by the fact that businesses that use blogs regularly generate significantly higher leads than those that don’t. Using blogs also helps attract more targeted traffic, builds trust among consumers and saves money for the business. Your efforts should display an effort to drive user engagement and offer them something valuable in return for their brand loyalty.


6) Use the power of SEO: SEO is the most effective way to drive free traffic to your website. In SEO, something as simple as your business name can affect your ranking on the search engine. Businesses with a strong keyword in their business name rank higher than businesses without a keyword in their business name.


Broadly, the main areas covered by SEO are a website, page, and device optimization along with credible link building. These areas may include certain subcategories such as keyword usage and page related URLs. Mobile optimization is another key factor for a high SEO ranking since a lot of users now use several mobile devices to access the web. Implementing SEO for your website will help augment your brand visibility in search engines and your user base.


Smaller businesses can take help from an SEO specialist to perform an SEO audit to analyze how users interact with their website and social media platforms. Rest assured, some money spent on this audit will be totally worth it.


7) Paid Advertising: Small businesses need to build a sustainable digital marketing plan that includes a sales and SEO strategy before they can jump into paid advertising. More traffic does not necessarily mean more sales. Businesses should aim to get more conversions from their visitors through any new strategies.


The best way to go about paid advertising is by first creating a compelling offer for the users supported by some enticing website content. Then create a few targeted PPC ads to attract more people to your site. You cannot convert cold prospects into buyers immediately. You will need to spend some time in bringing them to your site, offer valuable content, gain trust and then convert them into long term users for your business.


8) Improve User Experience: User experience is the paramount metric to measure your website performance. Business owners are required to direct their energies to enhance user experience so as to convert and retain them.


Common ways to boost user experience are developing simple yet quality content, using the right channels to share it, an intuitive user interface, optimal website load speed, easy navigation, chatbot assistance, and quick customer support. Developing inspiring content for your audience boosts user engagement while having a quick and streamlined complaint resolution system builds lasting trust among consumers. 


Another popular and effective marketing trend is video marketing. Many platforms have already embraced live streaming, so working on video marketing is another successful way of engaging with your audience.


Conclusion: Digital marketing is the most effective way to promote, establish and grow your business. Using the tips provided above, a business can ensure continuous positive growth and achieve huge success, even in an extremely competitive market.


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8 Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Probably Do not Know
8 Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Probably Do not Know


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