25 Simple Ways to Market an App in 2019 - CBX Studio

25 Simple Ways to Market an App in 2019 - CBX Studio

In this new digital world where everything is available on phones and tablets, app marketing is growing increasingly popular and essential. It constitutes promoting developed apps through distinct means to increase the app popular among the users. App marketing is usually done using tools such as App Store Optimization, promotional videos, social media marketing, paid ads and the like.



There are many efficient app marketing agencies that can promote the apps and they employ techniques that are very much workable in day to day scenarios. There are several ways that can be used to promote your applications and expand market visibility. Many of these are given below:

1. Captivating App Name: What’s in a name? The answer is A lot. An appealing name surely magnifies your chances of bringing in users and increasing business.

2. Choosing the right category: Adding the app to the correct category on the App store helps in proper filtering and attracting the right set of users.

3. Take Help From Influencers: App marketing agencies, for example, who have resources to influence user interests.

4. Exclusive Content: Uniqueness aids to bring in a larger crowd and make the app more.

5. Create and Optimize a Mobile Website: Along with promoting apps on the app store or Google Play, you could benefit from creating a mobile website providing more data about the app.

6. Optimize App Store Description: An elaborate description of the App store informs the users regarding what the app has to offer making it easier for them to decide.

7. A blog for App: Creating a blog with the app description, uses and operational information is an advanced way of app marketing.

8. Promotion in Business Emails: This aids visibility and advertises in a simpler way. It is also easier to reach a certain specific audience and some high ranking individuals.

9. Introductory Video: This can be put up on the website or play store to provide a visual understanding of how the app works and how end users can access and use the same.

10. Promote App Video: Promote your app over the web through third party websites.

11. Revamp App Screenshots: Similar to putting up a video, but a more self-paced way of learning the application.

12. Publish on other App Stores: Having the app available on all possible app stores makes it more reachable and marketable.

13. Demo version: Providing a free or demo version of the application before moving to the actual app with complete features can give a general idea of app functions.

14. App Analytics: This helps track the progress of the app in terms of user numbers and their actions over the app. Accordingly, enhancements can be made within the app functionality.

15. Target A Global Audience: Aspire to spread to a larger audience than being in a restricted region or country.

16. Social media: Social media is one of the best tools for app promotion considering its widespread influence and appeal. Moreover, ads people see on social media are more likely to be trusted and used than those on 3rd party websites.

17. App Awards: Rewards for usage and wins encourages user participation.

18. Exclusive interviews: Use these to describe the positives of your app and its recent accomplishments.

19. Facebook page: Facebook does paid app promotions or you could simply create a Facebook page for your app. This is beneficial in improving user interaction with your application and connecting offline with certain users. This is also useful in knowing user demands and cater to the same.

20. Featuring app in Top blogs: Advertise your creation on famous blogs that assure a large number of visitors on a regular basis.

21. Integrate Social Media in your app: This can be done to encourage user interests.

22. Design a Landing page for your app: To redirect users to app link.

23. Respond To Reviews: Display concern and enthusiasm by taking over questions and reviews.

24. YouTube Marketing: Youtube is another useful media to promote your app and increase its radius of use.

25. Know your customers: The first and foremost prerequisite is understanding the audience that you aim to cater. Identifying the market helps reduce unnecessary forehead and gives a realistic idea of what will work and what won't.

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25 Simple Ways to Market an App in 2019
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